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Our classes are organised as follows:

Sandpipers Class (Foundation) – Mrs. Watson / Mrs. Corline

Kittiwakes class (Yr. 1) – Miss Lax/ Mrs. Strutt

Curlews Class (Yr.2) – Miss Hirst

Avocets Class (Yr. 3 / 4) – Mr. Cross

Razorbills Class (Year 4 / 5) – Ms. Jackson

Puffins Class (Year 5 / 6) – Mrs. Vanderford


We are extremely proud of the children’s achievement in school, but we also offer an extensive, all-year-round programme of clubs and societies that the children can take part in both during the school day and after school, enabling them to try out a new activity that may not normally be offered as part of the normal curriculum.

Clubs are usually free of charge, and at any club the very best behaviour is expected. The school reserves the right to ask children not to attend if behaviour is not appropriate.

All children need a permission slip to attend a club, which is available below, and also in hard copy on the newsletter dated 28th September 2012 (see newsletter section of website)

Below is a link to the clubs that we are offering this term at school, as well as the permission slip.

Clubs Permission Slip

School Council

Our School Council plays an active part in the life of our school. Two School Council representatives are elected by the children in each class. These children are the ‘voice’ of the class – they can take ideas and burning issues to the School Council, and bring back issues from the Council meetings to discuss. This way, everyone has a chance to have their say. The School Council have been involved in issues ranging from how to recycle effectively in our school, to choosing designs for playground markings. They have recently played a huge part in trying to reduce our energy use too!

Current Affairs Forum

The children play a highly important role in the development of the school. To enable them to speak further and discuss important issues, they are allowed to attend a weekly Current Affairs Forum in the school hall.

Read more about our Current Affairs Forum.

Mr. Ireland’s Brainteaser

Every week during Happy Assembly, Mr. Ireland gives us a brainteaser to take home and share with someone. If we get it right, we can get 100 team points! Here are the brainteasers for this term so far. Can you work them out?

14th september 2012

21st September 2012

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Samples of Children’s Work

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