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Reception Class (Sandpipers)

Spring Term 2017


Happy New Year Everyone!

The following is a summary of what we will be covering under each of the foundation stage learning areas over the next half term. This information is for you to support your child’s learning at home and to give you an idea of what your child is up to in class as they are very likely, when questioned, to say ‘nothing’ or ‘playing’! This is only a rough guide because many of our activities are ‘child-led’. We are guided by the ability and interests of the individual children in our class. Our topic for the first half of this term is Toys.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be concentrating on children becoming more independent with resources, taking turns fairly and listening to each other. We will be telling the story of ‘Elmer the Elephant’ and discussing how everyone is different but special. The children will have opportunities in ‘show and tell’ to bring in certain types of toy, they will be encouraged to talk confidently to the rest of the class about them. ‘Show and Tell’ will continue to be held on Tuesday afternoon, there are no rules about what the children can or can’t bring in but it would be useful if the item related to the topic and also if the item were not too precious as things can occasionally get lost or broken despite our best efforts to keep them safe.


Physical Development

We will be continuing with our ‘Leap into Life’ PE program. The children will be using the large apparatus including the outdoor fitness trail. The children will also be using a selection of the small apparatus like beanbags, hoops, bats and balls and skipping ropes. To develop their fine motor control they will be taking part in activities such as building vehicles using small parts, dressing dolls and teddies using a range of fastenings and playing with the small toys in the dolls house. We will also continue ‘finger gym’ the main objective of which is improving the children’s fine motor skills.


Communication, Language and Literacy

We will continue with our ‘sound board’ encouraging children who know the initial sounds to blend letters to make new sounds and we will be continuing to learn new two letter sounds, there is a list of these sounds in the back of the children’s reading record books and a note of the sentence and picture we put with those sounds which you may find useful when looking at these sounds at home. We will be writing invitations, a letter to Elmer, looking at non-fiction books about toys, making a book about old toys, using a range of adjectives to describe and much more!



We will continue having a number of the week to concentrate on, learning its value, how to write it and so on. We will continue to focus on reciting numbers, counting objects, comparing and ordering numbers and learning about addition and subtraction. The children will continue to have opportunities to investigate using 2D and 3D shapes. Where possible our activities will be related to our topic of toys.


Understanding of the World

We will be using the ‘dress the teddy’ program on the computer, exploring toys that move and what makes them move, using a selection of cars to discuss force and motion and talking about toys in the past among other activities.


Expressive Art and Design

The children will continue to attend a weekly music session with Mrs Wilson, in addition to this we will be singing rhymes and songs related to our topic. Amongst some of the creative activities planned for this half term are; making wheel track paintings, making an ‘Elmer’, doing observational drawings of toys, making 3D models of a toy and designing and making a puppet.


Please do not hesitate to come in for a chat if you have any questions or concerns.

The Foundation Team