A Dawlish Learning Partnershp School

Year 1 (Kittiwakes)

Class Teachers – Miss Lax and Mrs Strutt.


Welcome to our Home School Link  for Spring Term 2017!




We will be continuing to build on your child’s individual needs within the framework of the National Literacy Strategy document. Phonic work will focus on either phase 4 and 5 sounds during the Spring Term. We will continue to conduct our phonics sessions with the whole class, but will also offer additional support if necessary, based on an assessment carried out last term. Being able to both segment and blend these sounds will help with spelling and reading.

How you can help. Please see the Phase 2 and 3 Sound Mats that were sent home in book bags in November. We will be recapping these sounds during our daily phonics sessions but please support your child with reading these at home if they are not confident. Later in the term we will send home a Phase 5 Sound Mat. Being able to read Phase 2, 3 and 5 sounds is necessary for the Year 1 Phonics which all children will participate in during summer term. Please also continue with all the suggestions we have made in the previous Home School Link. We will be sending home a sheet showing the letter formation we use in school. Please note where the letter starts and ends and watch your child practising. Correct formation now will ensure that ‘joining up’ will be much more fluid in year 2.



Again we will be building on the skills your child has already acquired within the framework of the National Numeracy Strategy document. We will be considering place value- What does the 3 in 35 represent? Trying to understand counting in 10’s- 13 23 .. 43 We will also be learning to count in ones backwards as well as forwards starting from any number and even going past 100.The joy of recognising patterns, within our numerical system, that can be relied on.

How you can help. Continue to be aware of Maths in our everyday lives – numbers are everywhere! Practise counting with your child in ones; backwards is just as important as forwards. Counting from any number rather than always starting at one is very useful too and going past 100. Can your child have a small amount of money to buy something for themselves occasionally? Handling money is the best way of learning the value of the coins!!


We will be looking closely at Everyday Materials, distinguishing between objects and the material from which they are made. We will be learning how to identify and name a variety of everyday materials including wood, plastic, glass and metal. We will be working scientifically and describing the physical properties of different materials and grouping these together on the basis of their properties.

We will also continue to observe changes across the four seasons as we look more closely at seasonal change. We will be observing and describing the weather and how day length varies.

How you can help.Please reinforce safety aspects concerned with handling certain materials. You could begin to discuss what materials your child uses a lot at home and consider what material their favourite toy is made from.

Regarding seasonal change, it would be lovely if you are able to discuss the weather from time to time, perhaps watching a weather forecast on television or looking at one on a computer.


We are going to be investigating a variety of playground equipment and then designing and making a simple model we would like to have built.

How you can help.If you take your child to the play area please take a few minutes to investigate the materials used and how the equipment is fixed to the ground.


We will be continuing the new scheme of work started last term.


We will be thinking about our experiences over the Christmas holiday, the gifts that we have given and received and how this made us feel. We will think about our actions and how rules and codes of behaviour help us to know what we should do. We will also consider what makes us happy or sad.

We will continue to explore familiar celebrations in our lives and the lives of others. Towards the end of term we will discuss baptisms, weddings and Easter.

How you can help.Please encourage your child to talk to you about what they have been learning in class and how this makes them feel. Perhaps you could also consider whether it is possible to give a gift that costs nothing as we intend to do within the classroom.


This term we will be using a word processing program to find out what we can do with the computer keyboard eg. finding the right letter, how to make capital letters, how to make spaces between words, changing the font size style etc. We will also be looking at how to research using Google and discussing internet safety.

How you can help.If you have a computer, encourage your child to key in simple sentences that perhaps you have written.



This term our topic is ‘Barnaby Bear travels around the UK. We will be looking at the characteristics of the four countries and capital cities of the UK and its surrounding seas using maps, atlases and globes. We will also be looking at Toys past and present, how they have changed and why (ie: invention of plastic).

How you can help. As you go out and about in the village discuss the places in terms of similarities/differences to other places in the UK. Have a look at toys around the home, how they are constructed and what they are made from. If you have any old toys we would be very appreciative if we could borrow them (a letter will be sent home nearer the time).

If there are any parents or grandparents that would like to come in to work with the children on a regular basis then please come and have a chat with us.

Miss G. Lax and Mrs Y. Strutt