A Dawlish Learning Partnershp School

Year 4 (Avocets)

Class Teacher – Miss Mann

Spring Term 2017

Happy New Year to you all! Straight back into learning and discovery after the Christmas holidays!

Please continue reading with your children. At this stage of their education, understanding what they are reading is incredibly important as well as looking up (in a dictionary/online) unfamiliar words to learn the meaning of them. When I hear children reading aloud at school, they regularly gloss over words they have misread and it takes an adult asking them to go back and read it again to ensure they have read the right words and have the right meaning. Reading a singular word wrong can change the context/meaning of the whole sentence! All this comes from asking questions about what they are reading whether the questions are about settings, characters, plots, predictions etc.

Also, please continue to have a drive forward on those times tables and their corresponding division facts. Similarly, being able to add and subtract well mentally would help, both 1 and 2 digit numbers. Calculations and the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) underpins most of maths as well as a solid understanding of place value.



We will be looking at chronological reports as a starting point linking to our History topic. We will be writing a report on a significant discovery from an ancient civilisation! I don’t want to write too much as it will spoil the ‘Hook morning’ I have for the children. Following this, we will return to story writing, especially focusing on using a range of tools for description: adjectives, interesting verbs, adverbs, similes, personification, metaphor, adverbials as well as using a range of sentence starts. After this, we will be returning to poetry using the poem ‘How to be a Pirate’ as a guide.

Guided reading will continue as it has all year on a Monday afternoon.



This term will be revisiting some of our earlier topics. We will be looking at place value again and included in this will be Roman numerals up to 100. Also, we will be re-visiting the four operations in calculating: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and working on two-part problems, where part one needs to be solved in order to solve part 2. Later on in the term, we will be looking at fractions so the more about times tables and division facts the children know, the easier it will be!


We will be looking at ‘Sound’ as our first topic, then following half term we will be moving onto ‘Animals, including humans.’


Our history topic is on Ancient civilisation this term, but as aforementioned I don’t want to spoil the ‘Hook morning’ I have planned for the children. Watch this space!


In Art, we will initially be looking at sculptures. We will be linking sculptures of a city with our ancient civilisation. We will also be using watercolours this term.


Initially, we will be looking at Christianity: symbols and religious expression. In the second half of term, we will look at moral choices.


I’m very excited about this topic! We will be looking at mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes. Definitely an opportunity for making an erupting volcano this term!

D + T

We will be looking at shell structures and how to make a structure from a 2d plan. This will have links to shapes in Maths.


Children have been continuing to learn about coding and programming. The instructions are getting more complicated now and children are having to think carefully about the order in which they place the blocks so that their algorithms and sequences respond the way they want. The will also have an opportunity to create their own digital music.

Alongside this, we will be continuing to learn about researching information safely. 


Our topic will be around pocket money this term, therefore we will be practising numbers. We will also be using sentences about likes and dislikes.


This will continue to be with Mrs Jackson.


We are just finishing our version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. Following this, we will be moving onto the Charleston and being able to tell a story to music (usually funny). We will also be returning to gymnastics. In the second half of term, in outdoor P.E, we will be looking at football.


This will continue in the same way as it has all year. As you may have realised, the focus has been on Maths as this is the area that I feel we needed to work on the most. Please also make sure that children are reading regularly as outlined at the top of this letter.


Please also check out ‘Avocets News’ as information/photos and videos about what is going on in class are regularly published there.

Any questions/concerns, please remember my door is always open.

Thank you!

Miss T Mann