Year 4 (Avocets)

Class Teacher – Miss Mann

Spring Term 2019

I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year!



Please read with your children. At this stage of their education, understanding what they are reading is incredibly important as well as looking up (in a dictionary/online) or asking about unfamiliar words to learn the meaning of them. When I hear children books-thumbreading aloud at school, they regularly gloss over words they have misread and it takes an adult asking them to go back and read it again to ensure they have read the right words and have the right meaning. Reading a singular word wrong can change the context/meaning of the whole sentence. If you are able to, please ask questions about what they are reading whether the questions are about settings, characters, plots, predictions etc.

Ancient Egypt topic
This topic will start with learning occurring inside an inflatable dome!

It will be a comprehensive study where lots of the subjects at school all combine to make one topic.

We will be looking at non-fiction as an initial topic and looking at newspapers. This will be focused around our History topic of the Ancient Egyptians and the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb.

We will then be moving onto a poetry unit using the poem ‘How to be a Pirate’ as a stimulus. This will be turned into something related to our Egypt topic before the children can write their own version.

We will then move onto some fiction using the story of Jack and the Dream Sack for our inspiration.


Maths – This subject tends to be more discrete. We will start with a topic on place value before moving into additive reasoning and statistics. Following this, we will look at multiplicative reasoning which will include fractions and measures. Finally this term, we will look at geometric reasoning, which includes shapes and their properties.

At year 4, times tables knowledge is vital. This will assist maths in so many ways. Please support your child with their times tables learning as well as their division. We will be having a ‘Football Times Tables’ test weekly, where children get promoted up the divisions!


This term we will be looking at animals including humans focusing on teeth and the digestive system.


As aforementioned, our History will be on Ancient Egypt.


Art will be linked to the Ancient Egyptians too. We will be learning how to use shading to create a 3D effect in pictures, watercolours on papyrus paper as well as some 3D art with clay.


Our Geography focus will be learning some geographical terms to explain where places are as well as using the 8 point compass. We will also look at map skills using an atlas to find out where countries are with a focus on Africa and the Middle East due to our Ancient Egyptian topic.


We will be focusing on travel.


This will be with Mrs Wilson who is a music specialist.


In the first part of term, we will be looking at dance and gymnastics, which is linked to our Shakespeare topic which is upcoming in the Summer Term. we will then be moving onto football and gymnastics.


Homework is more independent in Year 4. A letter was written and given to children that explained the expectations for homework. If you do not have a copy, please come and ask me as I have spares.

Weekly homework expectations are:
Doodle Maths 50 stars weekly. There may also be some extra Maths sheets coming home this term based on what we are doing in class, especially if the children are finding it more challenging.
Times tables and division fact learning.
Spellings from spellings lists – around 3-4 words weekly but going back over older spellings to remember them.
Reading daily.

The expectation for homework is that it is completed every week!

Please also check out ‘Avocets News’ as information/photos and videos about what is going on in class are regularly published there.

Any questions/concerns, please remember my door is always open. I would rather any concerns were ironed out sooner rather than later.

Thank you!

Miss T Mann