Year 4 (Avocets)

Class Teacher – Miss Mann

Summer Term 2018

I hope you had a fantastic Easter break! Down to the final term of Year 4 now. Where did that time go?



Please continue to read with your children. At this stage of their education, understanding what they are reading is incredibly important as well as looking up (in a dictionary/online) or asking about unfamiliar words to learn the meaning of them. When I hear children books-thumbreading aloud at school, they regularly gloss over words they have misread and it takes an adult asking them to go back and read it again to ensure they have read the right words and have the right meaning. Reading a singular word wrong can change the context/meaning of the whole sentence. If you are able to, please ask questions about what they are reading whether the questions are about settings, characters, plots, predictions etc.


We will be starting with the epic poem, Beowulf as our Literacy unit. This is a great story told in Anglo-Saxon and Viking times (Anglo-Saxons is our History topic). We will be practising our story writing and description.

Following this, we will be moving onto biographies as our non-fiction unit and linking to our R.E topic on inspirational people from the Science/Engineering and Technology worlds. This will help us to learn and develop our knowledge on people who have greatly impacted on our world.

Then, we will be looking at the Shakespeare play of Macbeth. I am very excited about this as it is a great unit of work.

Lastly, we will be back to story writing and the book, Leon and the Place Between, one of my favourites as it is such a creative story about a magical place between.


This term we are starting with measures, which means being able to convert between different metric units of measurement as well as time. E.g. converting between seconds and minutes, centimetres and metres, kilograms and grams. We will also be returning to place value and being able to use all four operations for calculation. Place value is so important as the understanding on the value of the digits and where they are in the number system underpins most of Maths. This includes thousands, hundreds, tens and ones as well as tenths and hundredths. Solid understanding in this area, will enhance their adding, subtracting, multiplication and division. As aforementioned, learning their times tables IS vital and the expectation is that children know their multiplication AND division facts to 12 x 12. The sooner the children know them, the easier Maths will become as tables link to so many areas of Maths. Any support with this at home can only help the children at school.


We will be looking at animals including humans initially, focusing on teeth and the digestive system. Our second topic will be habitats.


Our history topic is on the Anglo-Saxons which means we will be having an in-depth look at their lifestyle, Kings, Gods and Goddesses, clothing, jewellery and many other parts of their culture. It is a brilliant topic and the children tend to enjoy it immensely. I am hoping our school trip will link to this as well.


In Art, we will be looking at weaving as this was the method that the Saxons used to make their clothes.

We will also be having a look at some abstract art.


In R.E, we will be looking at religious symbols in Christianity with a visit to the church. We will also be looking at important beliefs and inspirational people.


Our Geography focus is looking at where people live with a focus on Scandinavia and where the Saxons came from. We will be using atlases/Google Maps to help us.

D + T

Our D+T topic will be on food technology this term linking in with some Science and healthy eating.


Children have been continuing to learn about coding and programming. Alongside this, we will be continuing to learn about researching information safely. We will be developing questionnaires, completing research and looking at geometric artists.


We will be looking at trying to tell a simple story.


This will be with Mrs Wilson who is a music specialist.


In the first part of term, we will be looking athletics and striking and fielding (Dartmoor 3-ball). In the second half term, we will be looking at swimming and tennis.


Homework goes out on a Friday and is due back on a Wednesday. There is a lunchtime club for children who can do their homework at school if there is limited time at home. The focus will be on spellings and times tables as well as other areas that will need looking at across the curriculum. There is an expectation for 50 Doodle Maths stars across KS2 weekly, which follows areas of the curriculum we are looking at in school and supports with school learning. Also, all children have been given spellings lists and it has been suggested they try to learn 3-4 of them weekly.

The expectation for homework is that it is completed every week!

Please also check out ‘Avocets News’ as information/photos and videos about what is going on in class are regularly published there.

Any questions/concerns, please remember my door is always open.

Thank you!

Miss T Mann