A Dawlish Learning Partnershp School

Year 4 (Avocets)

Class Teacher – Miss Mann

Autumn Term 2017

Another school year is upon us already! I hope you had a wonderful summer holiday (despite all the rain)!


Please read with your children. At this stage of their education, understanding what they are reading is incredibly important as well as looking up (in a dictionary/online) or asking about unfamiliar words to learn the meaning of them. When I hear children reading aloud at school, they regularly gloss over words they have misread and it takes an adult asking them to go back and read it again to ensure they have read the right words and have the right meaning. Reading a singular word wrong can change the context/meaning of the whole sentence! If you are able to, please ask questions about what they are reading whether the questions are about settings, characters, plots, predictions etc. Also, it’s time for those times tables! A target for the end of year 4 is to know, by heart, all their times tables and their corresponding division facts. That means being able to give an answer without using their fingers to count up/down!



We will be looking at fiction as an initial topic and developing a story for the animation of ‘The Lonely Robot.’ Our focus will be to write a setting and character description using a range of skills such as: adjectives, interesting verbs, adverbs and similes to be able to form expanded noun phrases. We will also be looking at using adverbial phrases and connecting adverbials as well as paragraphing.

Following this, linked to our History Unit, we will be looking at chronological reports (non-fiction writing) and some poetry. Throughout all Literacy, there will be time spent on spelling and grammar as there is now more emphasis on this with the New Curriculum.
For guided reading, the children will be put into groups and will read with an adult weekly/fortnightly. Some children will read more frequently with an adult depending on their need.



This term we will be focusing on place value and being able to use all four operations for calculations in Maths. Place value is so important as the understanding on the value of the digits and where they are in the number system underpins most of Maths. Solid understanding in this area, will enhance their adding, subtracting, multiplication and division. As aforementioned, learning their times tables will also be vital. The sooner the children know them, the easier Maths will become as tables link to so many areas of Maths. Any support with this at home can only help the children at school.



We will be looking at electricity as our first unit in Science. This will be linked to a very exciting design and technology element, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise! Later in the term we will be looking at states of Matter as our topic (solids, liquids and gases).


Our history topic is on ‘Riotous Rulers’ which means we will be having a look at some significant Kings and Queens of England that helped to shape our history in a good or bad way. The children will need to decide what their legacy is (or isn’t).


In Art, we will initially be looking at portraits and linking this to shading, thinking about where the light is coming from to create shadows. We will then be moving onto looking at sculptures.


In R.E, we will be looking at what it means to belong to a religion with a focus on Hinduism. We will also be looking at pilgrimages and special places of worship.


Our Geography focus is looking at where people live, including different types of settlement and land use, especially in our local area to start with. We will be using atlases/Google Maps to help us.

D + T

Our D+T topic will be related to our Science unit of electricity.


Children have been continuing to learn about coding and programming. Alongside this, we will be continuing to learn about researching information safely. We will also be thinking about our typing on the computer and starting to learn to touch type. In the second half of term, the children will be developing their own digital music.


In French, we will be looking at the weather, days of the week and some locations in France.


This will be with Mrs Wilson who is a music specialist.


In the first part of term, we will be looking at outdoor activities and gymnastics. In the second half term, we will be looking at netball and dance.


Homework goes out on a Friday and is due back on a Wednesday. There is a lunchtime club for children who can do their homework at school if there is limited time at home. The focus will be on Maths initially, especially those times tables! As previously mentioned reading daily is important. The more the children read at home with an adult, the more words they will learn which will help their writing and spelling. Spelling homework will also be happening weekly as there are many words and patterns the children are expected to know! The expectation for homework is that it is completed every week!


Please also check out ‘Avocets News’ as information/photos and videos about what is going on in class are regularly published there.

Any questions/concerns, please remember my door is always open.

Thank you!

Miss T Mann