A Dawlish Learning Partnershp School

Year 6 (Puffins)

Teacher – Mr Cross.

I hope that the information below will give you a picture of what will be going on in Puffins Class this term and will maybe even lead to some interesting discussions around the dinner table!



We will start the new term by looking at non-fiction writing in instructions. The children will learn about how to set their work out on the page, how to use precise vocabulary and also more advanced punctuation including brackets and dashes.

We will be continuing to learn the statutory spelling lists and also consolidate the children’s understanding of the various spelling rules and patterns that they will need to know for the end of key stage tests (SATs). Please continue to support your child with their spelling homework each week. (Homework is set on Fridays to be returned on the following Wednesday.)

Please continue to hear your child read at home and talk about what they have read. It is important that the children really understand their books before taking a quiz.



In maths we will be developing the children’s understanding of place value, negative numbers and rounding. Later in the term we will be returning to calculation methods that the children will need for the key stage tests.

Please support your child in their maths homework and let me know if there is anything that you are unsure of. Maths homework will often by on Manga High and if there is any reason why the homework cannot be completed at home please let me know and we will find time during the school day.


In science this term the children will be learning about biology and we will start by looking at evolution and inheritance before moving onto learning about different animals and their habitats. If you have any books or resources at home, please feel free to send them in.


In computing we will continue our work in programming, using the internet for safe research, and different ways of communicating online.


Later in the term the children will learn about the different climate zones of the world and how this affects life in different regions. This work will link to our science work when we learn about animals and their habitats. If you have any holiday photos or other information about different areas of the world, please let me know.


This term we will be learning about Islam and what it means to be a Muslim. This work will include looking at Muslim belief, learning about the importance of the Qur’an and different festivals and celebrations.


Our PE work this term will include dance, gymnastics and invasion games. We will start the term with a fantastic opportunity for the children to be taught by a PE specialist teacher from the South Dartmoor School Sports Partnership.

Please make sure your child has their P.E. kit in school at all times, and check that their P.E. shoes are the right size.



In our history learning this term we will be focussing on the Anglo Saxons and Vikings and in particular Edward the Confessor and the later Saxon kings. Some of the children have already learned about this period in History with Ms Vanderford but we will be focus on different aspects this year.

Design & Technology

The children will have the chance to learn about food from different parts of the world and design and make their own recipes.


In music we will be returning to work with instruments and will start with the children learning to play the ukulele! If any adults out there have any experience of the ukulele, please let me know as we can always use an extra pair of hands!