Year 6 (Puffins)

Teacher – Mr Cross.

Autumn Term 2017

I hope that the information below will give you a picture of what will be going on in Puffins Class this term and will maybe even lead to some interesting discussions around the dinner table!


We will start the new school year by looking at non-fiction writing in information texts. The children will learn about more advanced sentence structures and how to make it clear to the reader when something is opinion or fact.

We will be continuing to learn the statutory spelling lists and also consolidate the children’s understanding of the various spelling rules and patterns that they will need to know for the end of key stage tests (SATs). Please continue to support your child with their spelling homework each week. (Homework is set on Fridays to be returned on the following Wednesday.)

Please continue to hear your child read at home and talk about what they have read. It is important that the children really understand their books before taking an AR quiz.


In maths we will be developing the children’s understanding of place value, negative numbers and rounding. Later in the term we will be working on calculation methods that the children will need for the key stage tests (SATs) in May.

Please support your child in their maths homework and let me know if there is anything that you are unsure of. Maths homework will often include work on Doodle Maths and so please let me know if you are unable to get online at home and we will find time in school.


Miss Jackson will be teaching the children in this subject and the work this term will include studying light and the human body. As ever, please let us know if the children have any science books or games at home that we may be able to show or use in class.


In computing we will continue our work on staying safe online and also learn about making music using ICT.


Later in the term the children will learn about how maps work and how mapping has evolved over time. Please take some time to explore different maps at home: in atlases or online.


This term we will be learning about what it means to be a Humanist. The children will explore how Humanists celebrate important events and the similarities and differences between this and religious views.


Our PE work this term will include dance, gymnastics and invasion games. We will start the term with various team and group challenges to challenge the children’s cooperation and teamwork.

Please make sure your child has their P.E. kit in school at all times, and check that their P.E. shoes are the right size.


In our history learning this term we will be learning about Stonehenge and other aspects of Bronze Age life. This work will be reinforced by our trip to Merrivale on Dartmoor where the children can see evidence of human civilisation from this time period for themselves.

Design & Technology

The children will design and make their own Christmas themed moving toys using cams. This work will also link with a sequence of writing about explanation texts.


Our music learning this year will start with the children using iPads and the GarageBand software to make and record their own music. Later in the term, we will begin preparing for the Christmas show.