Here you will find useful information for governors. This will be continually updated.

Governors’ Minutes

The Governing Body of Starcross Primary School and Preschool is made up of Parents, Staff and Local Community Members, which includes Parish Councillors.  Should you wish to express an interest in becoming a school Governor please send an email into Nicky Davey, Clerk to the Governors.

Full Governors’ Meetings


Full Governor Minutes 17.09.19

Full Governor Minutes 17.10.19

Full Governor Minutes 07.11.19

Full Governor Minutes 05.12.19

Full Governor Minutes 16.01.20

Full Governor Minutes 13.02.20


Below is a list of the governing body members and their positions:

Governor Information

Meeting Date Schedule 2020-2021

Subject Responsibilities 2019-2020

Governor Information

Governor School Visits

Each of the School Governors has a subject responsibility here are some their reports:

Literacy Phonics Library Governors Report

Geography and History – CL

MUSIC Report to Govs 2019 – 1

Science report PA