Here you will find useful information for governors. This will be continually updated.

Governors’ Minutes

Here you will find the minutes all Governor Meetings, including Committees that feed backto the Main Governing Body:

Teaching and Learning Committee

Terms of Reference – Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning Minutes 10.10.17

Teaching and Learning Minutes 05.12.17

Teaching and Learning Minutes 06.02.2018

Teaching and Learning Minutes 20.03.18

Buildings, Health & Safety Committee

Terms of Reference – Buildings – Health & Safety

B, H & S Minutes 27.9.17

B, H & S Minutes 21.11.17

B, H & S Minutes 23.01.18

B, H & S Minutes 06.03.18

Finance and Personnel Committee

Terms of Reference – Personnel and Finance

Finance & Personnel Minutes 04.10.17

Finance & Personnel Minutes 29.11.17

Finance & Personnel Minutes 31.01.18

Finance & Personnel Minutes 14.03.18


Full Governors’ Meetings



SDP 21.03.17

Full Governor Minutes 14.11.17

Full Governor Minutes 20.09.17

Full Governor Minutes 16.01.18

Full Governor Minutes 22.03.18

Full Governor Minutes 24.04.18


Below is a list of the governing body members and their positions:

Governor Information 2018

Governors Attendance 2016-2018

Governors Training Matrix 2016-2017

Governor School Visits

Each of the School Governors has a subject responsibility here are some their reports:

Pupil Premium – Neil Keen March 2016

Governor Report – DesignTechnology – JP

Maths Governor Subject Report 30.01.2018

PE Governor Report

Literacy Governor Report

Geography Report – Jodie Pitson