Starcross Pre-School

Starcross Pre-school was established in 1982 at the Peacock Cookson Centre and was run by parents in the village. The Pre-school then moved to The Community Rooms located in the grounds of Starcross Primary School. Its aim is to provide the community with a safe, stimulating and happy environment for children aged 2-5 years.  We have access to the schools facilities, including the playground areas, Nature Area, Fitness trail and Millennium Garden.  For many years the Preschool was a charity and run by a  committee of volunteers, In 2018 Starcross Primary School took over the running of the preschool, therefore converting from charity status to an extended service of the school.  The Preschool is Managed by Tish Broome and Sarah Williams.

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Starcross Pre-school Tel: 01626 891439