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We are a friendly village school that gives children the best start to school life. The school is at the heart of the community, with the children at the heart of what we do.

As a village school we have a warm, caring team, in an environment that is safe for your child. However, we are lucky to be large enough to have good facilities, like a swimming pool – the best of both worlds for your child.

Each child is treated as an individual with individual learning needs, supported by excellent, approachable teachers, ensuring they achieve their best potential during their time with us.

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Celery science!

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Oystercatchers were encouraged to play with their food yesterday by doing some experiments with celery. We were trying to prove how plants use their stems and "xylem" vessels to transport water and minerals around plants. We cut the bottoms...

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Kittiwakes trip - Plymouth Aquarium

June 19, 2019

Full Governors Meeting

June 19, 2019

Buildings, Health & Safety Meeting

June 26, 2019

Pre-school Sports Day

June 27, 2019

Sports Day

June 27, 2019

Personnel & Finance Meeting

July 3, 2019

Reserve Sports Day

July 4, 2019

Reports Out

July 5, 2019

Arts Week

July 8, 2019

Preschool Meeting

July 9, 2019

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